Thursday, March 8, 2012

Abalone Shell Tiles in your bathroom?

Yellow Abalone Shell Tile
Abalone Shell tiles is very rare and natural in terms of interior decoration design where ever you put it in your home. As you can see the true natural beauty of a seashells because of it's uniqueness and the colors. The shells it self also is best for making shell tiles specially for those people who really very fashionable in terms of home interior architectural design.

Most of our clients buying this kind of shell tiles because of its amazing effect in terms of high architectural interior fashion design. Because this abalone shell tiles is very good for modern bathroom tiles, contemporary living room and kitchen design. Abalone shell tiles also is the best for making your home or condos more modern and more architectural interior design.

Abalone shell tiles has 4 colors to chose from; the natural abalone, yellowlip, yellow abalone and green abalone. This shell tiles is best for wall tiles, architectural tiles or interior shell tiles for natural looking home, condos and hotel design.

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Green Abalone Shell Tiles
Natural Shell Abalone Tile
Yellowlip Abalone Shell Tile

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