Thursday, March 8, 2012

Abalone Shell Tiles in your bathroom?

Yellow Abalone Shell Tile
Abalone Shell tiles is very rare and natural in terms of interior decoration design where ever you put it in your home. As you can see the true natural beauty of a seashells because of it's uniqueness and the colors. The shells it self also is best for making shell tiles specially for those people who really very fashionable in terms of home interior architectural design.

Most of our clients buying this kind of shell tiles because of its amazing effect in terms of high architectural interior fashion design. Because this abalone shell tiles is very good for modern bathroom tiles, contemporary living room and kitchen design. Abalone shell tiles also is the best for making your home or condos more modern and more architectural interior design.

Abalone shell tiles has 4 colors to chose from; the natural abalone, yellowlip, yellow abalone and green abalone. This shell tiles is best for wall tiles, architectural tiles or interior shell tiles for natural looking home, condos and hotel design.

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Green Abalone Shell Tiles
Natural Shell Abalone Tile
Yellowlip Abalone Shell Tile

Monday, February 20, 2012

Choosing the best Colored Capiz Walling Panels

Capiz Mother of Pearl shell walling panels are uniquely handcrafted by finest shellcraft makers for export quality from Philippines. Mother of Pearl seashells are carefully cleaned, processed and cut to make materials to create mother of pearl shell wall panels. Wall panels are specifically made for interior design walling decoration for hotels, condominiums, residences, buildings and offices.

Capiz shell tiles are use for capiz mother of pearl walling coverings and capiz walling surfacing. Interior designers select capiz materials for the interior walling decoration because of its natural effect like stones that are mounted on the walls. Jumbo Pacific Inc. is the leading and number one manufacturer and exporting capiz shell tiles and available in different colors and design.

We are a supplier of natural hotel building materials that is used in ceiling or wall interior decoration as well as interior walling covering. Our shell tiles are manufactured in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs according to client’s requirement. These natural wall cladding and wall panels have undergone a painstaking process to bring out the natural beauty and luster of every shell being used which then gives an elegantly unique atmosphere to every home, office, building, hotel, restaurant, church and lot more.

The shells that we use in order to produce beautiful shell tiles and shell panels are mother of pear shell (MOP Shell), blackclip shell, brownlip shell, kabebe shell, blacktab shell, youngtab shell, paua shell, abalone shell, and etc. For the sizes our standard Capiz panel is 18x18 inches(45.72 x 47.72). We can make any size on order.Our standard backing is No Woven Paper, we supply as well those Backing Plywood, Acrylic, Cement Board, "Hardiflex", Versa board, MDF, Self-Adhesive Tear-Away on a paper-backed, and many more type of backing.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Different shapes and designs of Natural Capiz Shell Panels

This is our different shapes and design of our popular capiz shell panels for home and hotel walling surfacing decoration design for making different modern or classic looks. Our very in demand shell panels for architectural design, interior design, contemporary design, modern design or old classic design wall covering.

Capiz Shell Panels is made of capiz seashell one of popular Philippine shell in the Philippines and one of the main components for making fashion jewelries, fashion accessories, home lighting decoration products and home/hotel walling covering design.

We can make any Capiz Panels design, capiz walling colors, capiz panels size and you can request any shells as long as legal seashells. We are the number one manufacturer and wholesale of all shell tiles and capiz shell panels. Our capiz shell panels is very high export quality products for making our clients a good and very satisfied quality products.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mother of Pearl Capiz Shell Panels Wall Decoration

Natural Capiz Shell Tiles and Panels
Natural Capiz Shell Panels
This is the picture of our actual shell components for making popular home and hotel walling surfacing interior decoration the mother of pearl capiz shell for making shell tile panels as wall decoration. Our very most popular and in demand shell tile panels made by the finest shell tile panel makers in Philippines.

We can make any design as you wish, any style as prefer, any color as you like, any size as long it's fit and any shell as long as not banned. The very affordable wholesale and we are the number one manufacturer of all this kind of home and hotel wall covering shell tile panels. Our shell tile panels are cleaned and process carefully so that we can give you a supper AAA export quality Philippine capiz shell tiles and panels products.

Capiz walling is assembled ready to mount or in part as you wish and best finished with your own grade coating or raw. Very affordable and cheapest of all home and hotels wall covering, walling surfacing and any walling made of seashells product supply. is under Jumbo Pacific Inc., Probably the largest manufacturer and number one Shell Tiles Exporter and Cheapest Wholesale Shell Panel for Home & Hotel Walling Decoration, Shell Tile Components, Shell Supply, and Natural Shell Exporter in Cebu, Philippines.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Shell Tiles & Panels: Popular Home and Hotel Walling Covering Interior Design

On this year many of new products specially tiles and panels are very popular. Because shell tiles and shell panels are new in the market today specially in home and hotel interior wall covering design. In fact many people are looking specially architectural firm to add this in there design. But most customer who really buy this shell tiles and shell panels are in hotels or resorts business.

All seashells for making shell tiles and panels are available depending on banned shells on which government didn't allowed for local market and export anywhere. Most of our popular shells for making tiles and panels and most highly best seller are capiz shell on which many here in the Philippines.

Capiz seashell is one of the best Philippine shell products for making fashion jewelry, fashion accessories, capiz windows, home lighting products, hotel lights fixtures decoration, resorts interior design, capiz lantern for colorful Christmas lights, capiz curtains and many more capiz products for export and high-end Philippine handmade products.

Second popular shell for making tiles and panels is MOP or mother of pearl seashells. Our mother of pearl capiz shell tile wall panels are beautifully inlaid and laminated by our skilled shell craftsmen here in the Philippines. 

Shell panels is in demand for wall surfacing, wall covering and hotels walling because of it's unique and perfect decoration for modern or classic interior home or hotel decoration. This shell panels is good specially in your bed room, living room, dinning room, kitchen design and bath room. 

All designs and colors you want are very available and you can also make you own designs or shapes depending in your area or place.

Shell Panels Designs and Colors Available: click to view pictures and designs below...
- Mother of Pearl Capiz Panels
- Natural Color Capiz Panels
- Colored Capiz Panels

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